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Water Treatment Plant

The treatment of drinking water in the Town of Smiths Falls began as a private enterprise in the 1800's & the first Water Commission operated the Water Treatment Plant (WTP) from 1900 to 2001.

The original WTP was located on the bank of the Rideau River between Old Mill Road & Beckwith Street and water was pumped from an intake pipe in the Rideau River upstream of the WTP.

Chlorination equipment was added to the treatment process in the 1920's, after a request from Department of Health.  A complete filtration plant was installed & in 1955 the filters capacity doubled. In 1987 a new intake line was installed from the WTP to an intake crib beyond the weir operated by Parks Canada.

An Environmental study performed in 2003 concluded that the new WTP located upstream of the old WTP which could reuse the existing intake. 

Construction & commissioning was completed on the New WTP in 2010.  The new WTP consists of an AquaDAF (which is a high rate dissolved air floatation clarifier), dual media filtration, ultraviolet (UV) disinfection, chlorination with chlorine gas, corrosion control, fluoridation, residue management & dechlorination.


Sarah Cooke

Water/Wastewater Compliance Coordinator
613-283-4124 x5502

Ted Joynt

Superintendent of Utilities
613-283-4124 x5501


77 Beckwith Street N,
Smiths Falls ON K7A 4T6


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