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Here is what you can likely expect in terms of weather if you settle in this part of Canada:


Spring in Canada runs from March 21st through to June 20th. Spring is the season when the snow melts and there is a lot of rain. While the days become warmer, the nights remain cool.

What to wear:


Summer in Canada runs from June 21st through to Sept. 20th. Temperatures can reach 30 degrees Celsius or higher during the summer months as the weather becomes hot and dry. Humidity can also be quite high during this season and thunderstorms can occur. Most regions experience mosquitoes in late spring or early summer with black fly season beginning during the same period in many areas.

What to wear:

fall seasonAutumn

Autumn in Canada runs from Sept. 21st through to Dec. 20th. During that season, the days get shorter and the first frosts appear. Leaves turn from green to red, yellow and brown before they fall from the trees. The weather during autumn can be rainy or dry, with the first snow usually coming in November.

What to wear:


Winter in Canada runs from Dec. 21st through to March 20th. Winter is the coldest season of the year with average temperatures being -4o C to -18o C. Snowfall usually occurs during the months of December, January and February.

What to wear:

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