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211 Ontario

What is 211?

211 is an easy-to-remember three-digit phone number providing free, confidential, multilingual access to information about the full range of community, social, health and government services. Just as 911 now means access to emergency services, 211 is the pathway to these non-emergency human services. All 211 calls are answered by live operators, certified information specialists who assess each caller’s needs and link them to the best available services and programs, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Who uses 211?

Finding the right information or services in our increasingly complex, ever-changing service delivery environment is a frustrating experience for many people. 211 offers a single point of access for anyone seeking non-emergency human services: individuals, families, people facing barriers because of language, poverty or personal difficulty, as well as professionals in government, business or community agencies.

For example, people call 211 to locate:

  • home-care support for an aging parent
  • post-natal care or a child-care program
  • social and recreational activities
  • volunteer opportunities
  • language training and employment resources

For more information about 211.ca please visit  http://211ontario.ca/