Optimum Health

Growth and expansion takes clinic to the next level in health and wellness services



It’s onward and upward for Smiths Falls’ Optimum Health: Chiropractic, Massage & Fitness Clinic, where a recent expansion and relocation have taken the clinic to the next level, creating a one-stop-shop of services to help clients achieve their health goals, from head to toe.

Celebrating 10 years in 2019, Optimum Health, has re-opened at its new Ferrara Drive location with 3,400 square feet of space, nearly three times the footage of its previous location. The clinic’s new location features four chiropractic rooms, three massage therapy rooms, and 600-square-feet of physical fitness space.

For clinic owner, Rob Rodine, the expansion and relocation was about more than just seeking out more space, it was about creating a team of health care professionals who are all on the same page when it comes to philosophy and goals. The clinic is now home to three registered massage therapists and two chiropractors operating with a patient-centred approach to treatment: Dr. Robert Rodine and Dr. Jennifer Brazeau.

“The big thing for this space was to create a cohesive team environment, where we can all learn from each other, and grow together,” Rodine said.

A new tool in Rodine’s toolbox is an on-site fitness area, where clients are able to put into practice the rehabilitative exercises and activities introduced through chiropractic assessment and treatment.

“We really wanted to be able to offer clients the next step in achieving health and wellness, which meant adding in the physical training element,” Rodine said. “Having it here on site helps people to commit to their health and rehabilitation.”

“The big thing for this space was to create a cohesive team environment, where we can all learn from each other, and grow together.”
– Dr. Robert Rodine

Other services available at the clinic include chiropractic treatments, Active Release Therapy, acupuncture, traction, custom foot orthotics, soft-tissue therapy, dry needling, and exercise and rehabilitation therapy.

With so many services offered, the clinic’s increased square footage is being put to good use. After 10 years in Smiths Falls, it made sense that when it came time to select a location and build, it was local first for Rodine.

“When we started this plan, we wanted to utilize local all the way – local real estate, a local contractor, local designer. I had a vision of what I wanted, and I wanted to keep things within the community as much as possible,” Rodine said.

With a new location that offers plenty of room to grow, Rodine says he still has plans to continue growing the business but stressed that additional growth won’t mean a change in location.

“This building was built from the ground up to suit our needs,” Rodine said, “In five to ten years I see us having more staff, and see the fitness side growing over the next few years as well…we are always looking at how we can expand what we offer.”



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