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Monday, June 6, 2016

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Bylaw Enforcement Department

Municipal Bylaw Enforcement Officers are responsible for the enforcement of the Ontario Building Code Act and regulations; Provincial Offences contraventions, other provincial legislation, Property Standards, Zoning, Site Plans, Parking, Garbage, Domestic Animal Control and other municipal bylaws; of which there are over 8,000. This department does not create the regulations nor can it change them or approve exceptions to the bylaw. Municipal bylaws can only be approved or changed by a duly elected municipal council.

Many activities require a permit application to be made to the town. Examples are building, plumbing, signs, pools, hot tubs, street use, severances, minor variance, parking bags, rezoning; to name a few. It is always best to call and check before you start . . . this avoids a lot of grief that you may face later. Remember, something that was created unlawfully will remain unlawful and does not get any grandfather protection and charges may be laid up to two years after a contravention is discovered for many regulations.

Many of our common bylaws are listed on the web site. If you require a specific bylaw please contact the Clerk of the Town.