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Town Hall

Bylaws (Municipal)

"Note: Prior to any action being taken on the basis of the following, reference should be made to the approved set of minutes available in the Clerk's Office. Attachments and/or background information are available upon request through the clerk's office."

General Bylaws

2013 Budget

2014 Tax Rates and Ratios By-law

2016 Budget

2016 Tax Rate By-law

2017 Budget By-law

2017 Interim Tax By-law

8839-2016 Restricting Left Hand Vehicle Movements from Abbott Street North to Lombard Street

Accessibility Standard for Customer Service Policy

The purpose of this Customer Service Standards Policy is to fulfil the requirements set out in regulation 429/07 to establish a policy for the Town of Smiths Falls for governing the provision of its goods or services to persons with disabilities.

Accountability & Transparency Policy

By-law 8098-2007

Acting Clerk

Acting Mayor (2010-2014)

By-law 8366-2010

Adopt Terms of Reference for the Off-Leash Dog Park

Animal Control By-law

Appointment of Clerk

By-law to Appoint Clerk

Boards and Commissions

Amending By-Law 8279-2010 to Adopt a Policy - Appointment of Members to Boards and Committees

Business Licencing By-law (Consolidated)

By-law # 8168-2008 (amended via 8398-2011)

By Law 7709-2002 Commercial Vacant Building Tax Rebate

By-law 8428-2011 Off Leash Dog Park & Terms of Reference

By-law 8482-2012 to regulate smoking in Public Places

By-law 8490-2012 Tax Rates and Ratios

Bylaw to regulate Outdoor Patios

Bylaw to regulate Outdoor Patios


Cemetery Bylaw

Community Donations Policy and Application

Consolidated Building Bylaw

Consolidated Zoning By-law

Council Remuneration


Credit Card Policy

8354-2010 By-law to Adopt a Credit card Policy for Elected and Municipal Officials

Designation of Community Safety Zones

Directional Sign Post

By-law Adopting Directional Sign Post Policy

Directional Sign Posts

By-law 8268-2009 Directional Sign Post Policy

Economic Development Advisory Committee

Emergency Snow Removal Policy

By-law 8127-2008 Adopt an Emergency Snow Removal Policy


By-law # 8066-2007

Estimates of the Sums Required for Municipal Purposes for The Year 2011


A by-law to set reimbursement rates for those staff, committee/board and council members on municipal business


By-law # 7163-1996

Festivals and Events Grant Application

Festivals and Events Policy


By-law # 8061-2007

Health & Safety Policy

Policy of the Corporation of the Town of Smiths Falls to provide a safe, healthy working environment for its employees, to protect property from damage and loss, and to promote the safety of all employees and the public in municipal operations.

Interim Tax By-law 2015

Interim Tax Levy 2016

Licence Rickshaws/Pedicabs

By-law 8341-2010: This policy outlines the provisions that must be met to licence a Rickshaw or Pedicab within the Town of Smiths Falls

Members to Town of Smiths Falls Boards and Committees

The policy reflects recruitment, selection process, interview process (if required) as well as the roles and responsibilities of Board/Committee Members.

Municipal Heritage Committee


By-law # 4022-1973

Notice - By-law 8062-2007 (Office Consolidation)

Notice By-law - By-law 8062-2007 (Office Consolidation)

Off-leash Dog Park Committee

Open Air By-law

Operation of Motorized Snow Vehicles in the Town of Smiths Falls

By-Law to Regulate Operation of Motorized Snow Vehicles in the Town of Smiths Falls

Oversize/Overweight Load

By-law # 7013-1995

Parking (Office Consolidation)

Parking By-law Amended Rates


By-law 7852-2004

Procurement By-law CONSOLIDATED

Property Standards By-law (Consolidated)

Reduced Loads

By-law 5488-1989

Refreshment Vehicles

Regulate Sale of Municipally Owned Real Property

By-law 7019-95 Office Consolidation

Restrict Smoking Within 9 Metresof all Public Entrances to Municipally Owned Facilities

By-law 8221-2009

Revised Terms of Reference for The Economic Development Board

Setting Out of Fires

Open Air Burning By-law (By-law 4185-75)

Sewer (Amending) Use By-law-Repairing Under Sidewalk/Street

By-law 8182-2009

Sewer Use

By-law # 6022-1994

Sewer Use-Backflow Prevention Valve

By-law 7381-98


Smiths Falls Fire Department - Tariff of Fees

Smoke Alarm and Carbon Monoxide Alarm Bylaw

Smoking in Municipally Owned Facilities. Passed on the 15th day of July, 2002.

By-law 7694-02

Smoking in Public Places

Smoking in Public Places

Street Naming and Numbering By-law

Street Use

By-law # 5783-1991


Student Councillor Policy

Swimming Pools (Office Consolidation)

By-law # 7166-1996

Tangible Capital Asset Policy

By-law to Adopt a Tangible Capital Asset Policy

Tangible Capital Assets

By-law to adopt the Tangible Capital Asset By-law

Tax Collection Policy By-law

Taxi By-law (Office Consolidation)

Terms of Reference - Economic Development Advisory Committee

Tree Care Policy

Waste (By-law 8392-2011)

By-law to regulate the management, collection, removal and disposal of waste material in Smiths Falls

Water and Sewer Use By-law Enforcement Officers Appointment

Water By-law

Water By-law Amendment (2015 Rates)

Yards to be Clean and Safe

By-law 7122-96 Yards to be Clean and Safe



Zoning Schedule (Map)

Zoning By-Law Schedule (Map)


2 Bay Street, By-law 4844-83

Heritage Designation

2 Gould St. Smiths Falls Collegiate Institute Archway

By-law 8363-2010

34 Beckwith St 4493-79

Heritage Designation

36 Elmsley St 5762-91

Heritage Designation

46 Russell 5402-88

Heritage Designation

57 Chambers 4845-83

Heritage Designation

9 Russell West 5204-87

Heritage Designation

Heritage Committee

Heritage House Museum 4330-77

Heritage Designation

Heritage House Museum 4513-79 (Restoration)

Restoration-Heritage Designation

Library 4846-83

Heritage Designation

Old Post Office 4387-78

Heritage Designation

Railway Museum & Bascule Bridge 5761-91

Heritage Designation

Rideau Hotel By-law 5114-1986

Heritage Designation

Town Hall & Water Comm 4350-77

Heritage Designation

Traffic Advisory

Traffic Advisory Committee - Terms of Reference

Terms of Reference