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We wish to provide a safe and pleasant environment for all residents in the community.

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77 Beckwith St. N.
Smiths Falls,
ON K7A 2B8

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Staff will work to enforce and resolve complaints from members of the public.

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Private Property Complaint

If you have an urgent complaint regarding private property that is an immediate health and safety concern, please call 613.283.4124 Ext. 1128 during business hours (Monday to Friday, 8:30 am to 4:30 pm).

Noise Complaints

For noise complaints please contact the Smiths Falls Police Service at 613.283.0357

What is 211?

211 is an easy-to-remember three-digit phone number providing free, confidential, multilingual access to information about the full range of community, social, health and government services.

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Departments & Staff Directory


It is the role of the Mayor to preside over Council meetings, to provide leadership to the Council and to represent the municipality at official functions. Council represents the public and considers the well-being and interests of the community as a whole. They also develop and evaluate the policies and programs of the municipality and determine which services the municipality provides. Council is also mandated to ensure that administrative practices and procedures are in place to implement the decisions of Council and maintain the financial integrity of the municipality.


Shawn Pankow

Jay Brennan

Wendy Alford

Peter McKenna

Chris McGuire

Niki Dwyer

Lorraine Allen

Public Works and Utilities

Whether it’s drinking water from your tap, road improvements, street light improvements, recycling or our wastewater system, Public Works & Utilities is all around us. The Town of Smiths Falls provides residents with infrastructure and services that we depend on every day.

The Public Works and Utilities Department is responsible for the following activities in your community:

  • Drinking Water System (Water Treatment & Water Distribution)
  • Wastewater System (Wastewater Treatment & Collection System, Sanitary and Storm Sewers)
  • Roads & Sidewalks
  • Traffic & Street Lights
  • Engineering
  • Solid Waste Management (recycling, organics, compost site, hazardous waste management, and
    waste collection)
  • Smiths Falls/Montague Municipal Airport


Water/Sewer/Roads After Hours Emergency
After Hours Emergency

Paul McMunn
Director, Public Works & Utilities
613-283-4124 , ext. 1152

Vanessa Bernicky
Engineering Technologist/Environmental Coordinator
613-283-4124, ext. 1147

Jason Dalgleish
Supervisor of Public Works
613-283-4124, ext. 3301

Allan Gorman
Public Works and Utilities Foreman
613-283-4124, ext. 3303

Emilie Richardson
Public Works & Utilities Administrative Coordinator
613-283-4124, ext. 3302

Jason Barlow
Manager Water/Wastewater Treatment
613-283-4124, ext. 5501

Sarah Cooke
Water/Wastewater Compliance Coordinator
613-283-4124, ext. 5502

Ambur Lavallee
Asset & Capital Project Management Coordinator
613-283-4124, ext. 1146

Community Services
  • County Shared Services (Ontario Works, Land Ambulance, Social Housing Services);
  • Arenas and Community Halls;
  • Municipal Parks;
  • Maintenance of Municipal Buildings (Municipal Complex, Seniors Activity Building, Community Theatre);
  • Associated programs of recreation;
  • Cemetery operations;
  • Historical services (Heritage House Museum, Municipal Heritage Committee);
  • Special events;
  • Child Care Programs;
  • Accessibility;
  • Liaising with Police and Public Library Boards.


Art Manhire
Director of Community Services
613-283-4124, ext. 6101

Tana Torch
Administrative Coordinator, Community Services
613-283-4124, ext. 6103

Judy Arthur
Child Development Centre Supervisor
613-283-4124, ext. 6601

Greg Sonnenburg
Operations Supervisor
613-283-4124, ext. 6102

Leisa Purdon Bell
Museum Clerk

Sienna Cauley
Museum Program Coordinator

Amanda Foster
Head Librarian

Corporate Services

For direct contacts for various services, please refer to the specific department pages.

The following services fall under the Corporate Services division:

  • Clerk, Licensing;
  • Vital Statistics;
  • Finance (Taxes, Water Billing, Accounting);
  • Human Resources;
  • Information Technology.

The following services fall under the Planning & Sustainable Growth division:

  • Building;
  • Planning;
  • Engineering;
  • Waste Disposal and Recycling Services.

The following services fall under the Community Services division:

  • Social Services;
  • Fire & Police Services;
  • Health & Safety;
  • Arenas;
  • Parks and Recreation;
  • Facility Managment;
  • Library;
  • Heritage House,
  • Tourism;
  • Airport;
  • Cemetery.


Ellen Leach
Front Desk
613-283-4124, ext. 1100

Kerry Costello
Director of Corporate Services
613-283-4124, ext. 1102

Nadine Bennett
Deputy Clerk
613-283-4124, ext. 1130

Janet Koziel
613-283-4124, ext. 1117

Lynda McKimm
Human Resources Coordinator
613-283-4124, ext. 1148

Malcolm Morris
Chief Administrative Officer
613-283-4124, ext. 1104

Daina Sullivan
Support Clerk
613-283-4124, ext. 1149

Vicki Thompson
Tax Collector
613-283-4124, ext. 1118

Sandra Watters
Administrative Assistant
613-283-4124, ext. 1132

David Sutherland
Chief Building Official
613-283-4124, ext. 1128

Mary Remmig
Planning Coordinator
613-283-4124, ext. 1136

Karl Grenke
Senior Planner
613-283-4124, ext. 1116

Brandii Phillips
Accounts Payable
613-283-4124, ext. 1101

Brianne Harper
Corporate Services Office Clerk
613-283-4124, ext. 1115

Economic Development

This department provides business-related information about Smiths Falls and area to inform potential new businesses and assists businesspersons wishing to locate in Smiths Falls to secure land, buildings or leased space and comply with local regulations.

It can also assist persons wishing to start a business, or acquire an existing business, or who wish to move to Smiths Falls to live.

The Town is a partner in the Small Business Advisory Centre, which is a locally based office dedicated to supporting new and existing small businesses.

For further information on Economic Development please contact Julia Crowder via email at or by phone at 613-283-4124 ext. 1107.


Julia Crowder
Economic Development & Tourism Manager
613-283-4124, ext. 1107

Cindy James
Manager of Small Business Advisory Centre
613-283-7002, ext. 108

Kerri Barlow
Economic & Community Development Coordinator
613-283-4124, ext. 1127

Esther Njuguna
Marketing & Communications Coordinator
613-284-4124, ext. 1137

Fire Department

The Smiths Falls Fire Department provides realistic and effective fire protection and public safety services to the Town of Smiths Falls and two other neighbouring townships.

The fire department operates from one fire station located strategically in the centre of the town. It is equipped with a full complement of modern, up-to-date vehicles and equipment.

The Smiths Falls Fire Department consists of one full time chief, one full time Fire Prevention Officer, five full time firefighters and 18 paid-on-call volunteers.
The fire department responds to all types of emergencies, including fire alarms, structural, vehicle and chimney fires, medical assist, ice and water rescue, hazardous material incidents and motor vehicle accidents.

Other very important functions of the fire services department is fire prevention, inspection and public education programs. This involves the inspection of all types of public and private buildings and structures to ensure compliance with fire code regulations and assist with fire drills and fire safety training.

The Smiths Falls Fire Department also operates the fire dispatch centre, which handles 9-1-1 and other emergency calls for all fire departments within Lanark County with the exception of the Town of Perth.

Address: 77 Beckwith St. North, Smiths Falls, Ontario K7A 2B8
Fax: 613-283-4764

For information on the Fire Marshal’s office please visit this website


Non-emergency Contact


Rick Chesebrough
Fire Chief
613-283-5869, ext. 1

Randy Normandin
Lieutenant - Fire Prevention
613-283-5869, ext. 2

Jason Smith
Lieutenant - Logistics
613-283-5869, ext. 3

Andrew Fleming
Lieutenant - Training
613-283-5869, ext. 4