Committees of Council

The Town of Smiths Falls recognizes the depth, knowledge, capabilities and enthusiasm of our community members.  As such the Town has established committees to advise staff and council and help us in delivering projects that serve the community.  Some boards and committees are also required to carry out statutory responsibilities.

In an effort to ensure transparency and easy access to information, the Town strives to post all agendas, minutes, reports, correspondence and attachments to the website.  We hope you find the information you need.  If not, please touch base with the staff contact and they will be more than happy to help.

Application to be on Board or Committee Fillable Form

Terms of Reference:

Airport Commission

Smiths Falls-Montague Airport Commission is entrusted to the control and management of the landing grounds at the Russ Beach Smiths Falls/Montague Airport (via By-law 4400-1978). For more information on the airport, visit Smiths Falls Flying Club.

If you wish to be a delegation at an Airport Commission meeting please contact the Recording Secretary, Emilie Richardson @ 613-283-4124 ext 3302 or via email at to make the necessary arrangements.


Composition: 8 members, 6 Town appointees (last 2 yrs has been mayor & 2 council, 3 Public-min 1, max 2 Flying club members), 2 Montague appointees

Child Development Centre Advisory Board

The Child Development Centre Advisory Board is a body that advises Town Council as to the operation of the Child Development Centre and as to the making of rules and regulations.


Composition: 5-9 Members-including Council rep.

Community Improvement Plan Evaluation Committee

The CIP Committee receives and reviews applications for funding under the Smiths Falls Downtown and Waterfront Area Community Improvement Plan.


Downtown Business Association Board of Directors

The Smiths Falls Downtown Business Association (DBA) Board of Directors is committed to providing effective leadership in the ongoing development of the membership area as a vibrant and sustainable business and shopping district.

SFDBA Board of Directors:

Composition: 5-12 Members – 1 Member must be a Member of Council

Economic Development Advisory Committee

The mandate of the Economic Development Advisory Committee (EDAC) shall be to assist Council through Staff with their efforts to generate and sustain employment and business investment in the Town of Smiths Falls by:


(established via By-law 8162-2008)

Heritage House Museum Advisory Board

The Heritage House Museum Advisory Board is responsible for providing the museum curator with advice and assistance respecting the: time, place and conduct of meetings; election of Chair and Vice-Chair; hours of operations and fees; policies for the use and management of the museum; sale and distribution of historical objects and literature and fees for such service production and distribution of historical publications and documents relating to the Town of Smiths Falls.


Composition: 5-11 Members-including Council rep.

Municipal Heritage Committee

The Municipal Heritage Committee is pleased to launch our new website.
Check us out at


Composition: Minimum of 3 and maximum of 8 citizen members

Planning Advisory Committee


 Composition:  2-3 members of Council and 4-5 Citizen Members

Police Services Board

The Ontario Police Services Act requires Police Services to be governed by a police services board.
The Board is responsible for setting policy and working with the police chief to move the police service in the direction as set out in the Smiths Falls Police Services Board Business Plan, in order to achieve the necessary goals and objectives.
The Board does not get involved in the day-to-day operations of the police service.


Composition: 5 members total (1 CIitizen Appointment Only, 3 Town Appointee’s – Mayor, Councillor, Citizen Provincial Appointee’s by L. Governor)

Property Standards Committee

The duties and responsibilities of the Property Standards Committee shall be as dictated in the Building Code Act. If a person wishes to appeal an order stating he/she is in contravention of the town’s Property Standards By law, the committee considers the appeal.


Composition: Minimum of four (4) and maximum of five (5) citizen members

Public Library Board

The Mayor appoints volunteers from the community to govern the operations of the Smiths Falls Public Library by means of regular meetings in which they draft and ratify policy for the library. Committees of the Board meet to plan financial and maintenance services, subject to the will and/or approval of the Board.


Composition: 9 members total 1 from Montague/8 from SF includes 1 Councillor

Recreation Hall of Fame

The Smiths Falls Recreation Hall of Fame was founded in 1981 by town resident Ron Stronski with the endorsement of Smiths Falls Town Council and the Recreation Committee.

To be eligible for the Hall of Fame, a nominee must be:


Composition: Council’s Discretion

Traffic Advisory Committee

The purpose of the Smiths Falls Traffic Advisory Committee is to research matters related to the control and movement of vehicular and pedestrian traffic within the Town of Smiths Falls when these matters are referred to them by staff or raised by the Committee. The Committee will then report their findings in the minutes for consideration by staff.

The committee meets on average four times a year in the Council Lounge.  Should you wish to find out when the next meeting is to happen please contact Emily at 613-283-4124 ext 3302.  Her email is to outline your concerns and that you would like to bring issues forward to the committee.

Also check out the Smiths Falls Police Services website for information on Scooter Safety!  An initiative developed in part by the Traffic Advisory Committee!


Composition : Minimum of 3 members

Smiths Falls Drug Strategy Committee


Composition: Council’s Discretion

Task Force’s

Liaisons (This term of Council)

Rideau Environmental Action League:

Smiths Falls Community Food Bank:

Council Representation on:

Chamber of Commerce:

Lanark County Community Services:

Lanark County Corporate Services:

Leeds Grenville & Lanark District Health Unit :

Perth/Smiths Falls Hospital Board:

Rideau Valley Conservation Authority:

Cataraqui Trail Management Board:

Railway Museum Advisory Board:

Rideau Corridor Landscape Strategy Steering Committee:

Arts & Culture Council:

Mississippi –Rideau Source Protection Committee: