Most Instagrammable Locations in Smiths Falls

Finding the best spot for an Instagram pic isn’t hard to do in a community as photogenic as Smiths Falls. With a newly revitalized downtown core, cute boutique shops, and the picturesque Rideau Canal this town is primed for your Instagram wall.

Read on for the short list of the best spots for an awesome Instagram pic. Make sure to use the hashtag #ExperienceSmithsFalls to share your fun.

Watch history in action

Rideau Canal
8 Abbott St N.

As a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Rideau Canal is one of the most photographed locations in Eastern Ontario and for good reason. You can see history in action as boats “lock through” the canal the same way they would have nearly 200 years ago. People from Kingston to Ottawa and beyond love to show off the beauty of the Rideau waterway’s sparkling water and picturesque shoreline on their Instagram wall.

San Francisco has nothing on our bridge

Bascule Bridge
Abbott St N.

This may be the number one photographed location in Smiths Falls! The Bascule bridge has not been in practical use since 1978, but it still offers a great view when driving through Smiths Falls, and is a good place to capture a unique photo.

Take a walk back in time

Heritage House Museum
11 Old Slys Rd.

The Heritage House Museum’s landscaped lawn and picturesque gazebo is so pretty you’ll be hard pressed not to want to snap a few pictures. The best spot for pictures would have to be in the gazebo out front. Plan to have a picnic lunch there for even more photo worthy options.

Rolling on the railroad

Railway Museum of Eastern Ontario
90 William St.

The railroad brings a unique vibe to anyone’s Instagram. Trains are so mysteriously fascinating, telling tales of travels long ago, and their size makes for a powerful picture. The best time to catch a photo at this site would be on a cloudy day, maybe a light rain as well to add to the mystery.

A grrrreat picture of a mural

Giant Tiger
29 Chambers St.

The Giant Tiger mural features their iconic tiger image in epic proportions. It’s so big, you can’t miss it while driving down Chambers Street. This is a great place for a selfie, maybe before or after you have a bite to eat downtown. Matty O’Shea’s is right across the street and from a seat on its patio you can just see the mural in the background.

Dinner with a view at Lockmasters Taphouse

Lockmasters Taphouse
32 Beckwith St S.

Lockmasters Taphouse has a breathtaking view of the waterfalls on the Rideau waterway. Their patio overlooks the rushing water tumbling past and at night, it also offers a view of the lit up water tower just above the tree line. Make dinner reservations on the patio to watch the sunset and take in the beautiful setting.

Home is where the water tower is

Smiths Falls Water Tower
Confederation Dr.

Smiths Falls’ iconic water tower has to be one of the most Instagrammed spots in town. Located in beautiful Confederation Park and beside the Rideau Canal, the tower’s setting is so beautiful it’s hard to resist snapping a pic here. Bring your swimsuit and take a dip at the beach at Murphy Park for pictures of a day at the beach with the water tower in the background.

In Awe of the Airplane

Victoria Park
30 Lombard St.

Victoria Park is easily recognized by the yellow airplane that is located right by the entrance. This is a fun place to take a picture in a family setting, and what kid doesn’t love airplanes? Bring the whole family and while the kids playing on the play structure the adults can lounge on the manicured lawn and relax.

Grow with us

Tweed Mural
1 Hershey Dr.

This mural is located at Tweed, located at the site of the former Hershey’s Chocolate factory. This has become a really popular spot for a pic or two, and the mural here can be seen all the way from Lower Reach Park. The mural is lit up at night to make it even more picture-worthy.

Chill vibes and great music

20 Russell St E.

Plan a night out with friends to the most happening spot in town, Bowie’s. This music club-slash-bar has a beautiful stage in the back where you can watch local musicians perform while sipping a delicious cocktail. Remember to say G’day to Bowie’s owner, Pat, and take a pic in front of the sign on the wall at the front of the venue.