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Thursday, April 28, 2016

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Off-Leash Dog Park Committee

Creating a safe place for dogs to run and interact, in an off-leash venue which is an attractive community amenity for residents, newcomers and tourists.

The Town of Smiths Falls understands that dog parks are becoming an essential part of the fabric of urban cities and towns across Ontario and that residents of Smiths Falls have expressed a need for such a facility.  The Town also understands that dog parks have become an essential element for residential attraction as well as tourist interest.  Dogs parks offer an excellent place for dogs to become socialized which can reduce behaviour problems when they are walked on the streets in town paths.

As a result, the Town of Smiths Falls has allocated lands for the development of an off-leash dog park southeast of the Civitan Ball Diamond.  The Town has also committed to operational support for the dog park.

The purpose of the Smiths Falls Off-Leash Dog Park Committee is for interested persons to help raise funds for capital costs of creating the dog park, to be involved in ongoing maintenance of a dog park and to research matters of interest and provide recommendations related to the creation and maintenance of a dog park.


•Jackie Kearney (Chair)
•Kim Comstock
•Jackie Staples
•Jay Brennan (Council Liaison)

Gleeson Park - Town of Smiths Falls Off Leash Dog Park Rules

(Located justt off Old Slys Road, behind the Ball Diamonds and beside the Curling Club)

Park users and dog owners assume all risks related to using the Off Leash Dog Park.

This park is for the dogs and park rules must be followed for the safety and enjoyment of the dogs, owners and handlers.

All owners/handlers will be responsible for their dog’s behaviour under the Dog Owners Liability Act and the Town of Smiths Falls Animal Control By-Law No. 8126-2008

1.Dogs must be vaccinated, licensed and in good health
2.Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult; and kept under strict supervision at all times
3.Dogs must be on a leash while entering and exiting the park
4.Do NOT allow children to run in the area or chase after dogs
5.Do NOT open both gates at the same time
6.Owners/handlers must remain in the park with the dog and carry a leash.
7.Aggressive dogs shall not be permitted to use the park. Persistent aggressive behaviour by dogs or owners will not be tolerated. Both the handler and dog(s) will be asked to leave and privileges will be suspended
8.Puppies under 6 months must use the small dog park.
9.Limit of 2 dogs per owner/handler in the dog park.
10.Dogs in heat or coming into heat are not allowed in dog park.
11.Owners/Handlers must pick up after their dogs and dispose of waste in the designated space
12.Owners/Handlers must Fill in any holes your dog digs or make appropriate repairs to disturbed area
13.Toys, glass containers and food (human or canine) are not permitted in the dog park.
14.Choke, Spike or pinched collars are not permitted are not allowed in the dog park.
15.Respect the rights of others
16.Smoking is not permitted within the fenced dog park.
17.No Pit Bulls or Pit Bull cross dogs are allowed in the park, unless permitted under the Dog Owners Liability Act, R.S.O., 1990, Chapter D.16 (DOLA)

Enjoy the park with your dog and help us keep it clean.

Town of Smiths Falls’ Animal Control Officer at 613-283-4124