Hillcrest Cemetery Prepares for Winter

As you may know, staff removed decorations and objects from Hillcrest Cemetery over the last couple of weeks in preparation for the winter season.

According to the Hillcrest bylaws these decorations are to be removed by November 15th every year to be safeguarded over the winter months. This has come as news to a number of people and we apologize if people were caught unaware. We recognize peoples desire to recognize their loved ones who may be interred at Hillcrest. In the snow and freezing weather free months the public are allowed to place two decorations at family markers and we encourage people who would like to honour their loved ones in this way to do that.  We will endeavor to remind families in future years so that they may remove these items before the November 15th deadline.

In the mean time we would like to offer that anyone who would like to place a wreath/flowers on their loved ones grave over the Christmas season, please do so. If this has been part of your tradition we encourage you to continue to do so.

We do ask that if you are going to place a wreath for Christmas that you remove it after the season to prevent it from being damaged by cold and snow as well as through winter maintenance operations.

Again we apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused and we are working to try to improve the services at Hillcrest Cemetery.