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Launching their Premier North American Venture
Smiths Falls, ON (July 18, 2017) – Le Boat Limited, the international travel sensation and canal boat pioneers, officially announced the launch of their first North American venture expected in May of 2018. Le Boat will set up their North American headquarters in Smiths Falls at the old Lockmaster’s House at the corner of Beckwith and Jasper Ave. The maintenance and storage of the boats will be ideally situated on the Rideau Canal at 41 Centre St., the location of the former Canadian Tire store.

“We are excited about a prestigious boating company like Le Boat locating their base operations for North America in the Town of Smiths Falls. The new infrastructure coupled with an affluent tourist visiting Smiths Falls will be a game changer. The future for international tourism in Smiths Falls is looking bright!” said Malcolm Morris, Chief Administrative Officer for the Town of Smiths Falls. This $16 million-dollar investment brings 16 state-of-the-art Horizon cruisers for local and international tourists to rent for a leisurely cruise along all or part of the 202 km of the canal – a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The fleet plans to expand over the next five years to at least 32 cruisers. Le Boat is expected to attract thousands of vacationers of all ages from the U.S, Canada, Germany, France and many other locations around the world, and contribute millions of dollars to the local economy through tourism, job growth and supply chain support.

Le Boat is the biggest investment in the Town of Smiths Falls since the opening of Tweed Inc., the largest medicinal cannabis company in the world. Le Boat has stimulated infrastructure investment resulting in plans for a new super marina located in Victoria basin and the refurbishment of the old Lockmaster house at 1 Jasper Ave. These projects will be funded by the Town of Smiths Falls and the United Counties of Leeds and Grenville and other grant programs. “The collective effort of three levels of government has been the catalyst for Le Boat to set up their operations in the Town of Smiths Falls. It has been impressive to see all these government bodies working so hard on this project, with the main drivers the Town of Smiths Falls, Parks Canada, Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport and the United Counties of Leeds and Grenville”, said Cyril Cooper, Economic Development and Tourism Manager with the Town of Smiths Falls.

Le Boat will be opening their Global Marketing and Sales office for North America in Smiths Falls. Le Boat’s international presence, extensive marketing initiatives and industry partnerships will help to enhance the Rideau Canal’s brand on the global market. According to Mayor Shawn Pankow, “Le Boat is a game changer for the Town of Smiths Falls because it provides the catalyst for new infrastructure and improvements in the Town of Smiths Falls. Le boat will put us on the international map with the majority of foreign tourists visiting from Europe and the United States.”

“We are extremely excited about establishing our footprint in North America, and especially pleased to be launching our new venture in the beautiful province of Ontario, Canada” said Cheryl Brown Managing Director at Le Boat. “The Rideau Canal is the vacationer’s dream, offering the best of Le Boat’s European destinations in one place. It has the beauty and charm of the French waterways, the delightful lagoons of Italy, and the dramatic, scenic lakes and rivers of Ireland, Holland, and Germany. Most of all, it is a mecca for lovers of nature, with every imaginable water sport like fishing, paddle boating, canoeing, swimming as well as hiking, biking and bird-watching.”
“The Town of Smiths Falls has been actively pursuing formidable boating companies like Le Boat which has sparked significant interest from other European boating companies. With Le Boat establishing in Smiths Falls the landscape of the Rideau Canal and our downtown will be re-created to be more enticing for residents and visitors,” said Malcom Morris, Chief Administrative Officer for the Town of Smiths Falls.

About Le Boat
Le Boat is the world’s leading self-drive boating rental company. Renters can sleep on board in 5-star comfort and style, saving substantially on hotel costs. All boats feature fully equipped kitchens, comfortable furnishings, showers and bathrooms, and warm air heating. They also feature air-conditioning, depending on the model. No experience or boating license is necessary. To facilitate the ease of handling for non-cruisers and cruisers alike the Le Boat Horizon is equipped with bow and stern thrusters for easy maneuvering into and out of locks, completely bumpered for safety and has capped speed at 10KM an hour for the Rideau. Instructions and an orientation are provided to first-time renters, ensuring they get the most out of their boating vacation. Vacations packages are on sale at www.leboat.ca.

Media Contact:
Cyril Cooper
Economic Development and Tourism Manager,
Town of Smiths Falls,
613-283-4124 ext. 1107