Media Release

June 25, 2020

Smiths Falls supports small businesses with increased flexibility for commercial patios

The Town of Smiths falls is supporting small businesses by giving greater flexibility for the expansion of outdoor commercial patios in Smiths Falls.

As per recommendations from the Mayor’s Task Force on Economic Recovery, the Town of Smiths Falls has granted staff the authority to approve patio licenses and the waiving of all fees associated with outdoor commercial patios operating within the Town in 2020.

“We are committed to reducing red tape and making it as quick and painless as possible for businesses to continue to operate in the Town of Smiths Falls,” said Mayor Shawn Pankow. “The Mayor’s Task Force will continue to note adjustments needed to support our local businesses and to make recommendations to that effect.”

Town staff are now authorized to approve occupancy of on-street parking spaces so long as municipal operations or construction are not impeded, and with the following conditions:

Fees will be waived for the rent or use of parking spaces used by commercial patios. Fees for cash-in-lieu of parking will also be waived, so long as the patio is temporary, and approval is obtained from the property owner. These conditions will remain in effect for the remainder of 2020.

The Town requests that businesses contact the planning department for discussion in advance of building or expanding a patio in Smiths Falls. The planning department can be reached by contacting Senior Planner Karl Grenke at or 613-283-4124 ext. 1116 or Planning Coordinator Mary Remmig at or 613-283-4124 ext. 1136.

About the Mayor’s Recovery Task Force

Created in response to the COVID-19 and the current state of emergency, the Mayor’s Task Force on Economic Recovery works in partnership with Smiths Falls business and not-for-profit communities with a goal of sustaining, developing, and maintaining the robust local economy. The task force is comprised of council representatives as well as members of key industries within the Town of Smiths Falls.


For further information, please contact:

Malcolm Morris
Chief Administrative Officer
Town of Smiths Falls
77 Beckwith St N, Box 695
Smiths Falls, ON
K7A 2B8
613-283-4124 ext. 1104

Shawn Pankow
Town of Smiths Falls
77 Beckwith St N, Box 695
Smiths Falls, ON
K7A 2B8
613-283-4124 ext. 6101