Media Release: Smiths Falls’ Triathlon & Duathlon holds on to title of oldest triathlon in Canada

June 23, 2021

Smiths Falls’ Triathlon & Duathlon holds on to title of oldest triathlon in Canada

The Smiths Falls’ Triathlon & Duathlon has held on to its title as the oldest triathlon in Canada, with 42 years running. On Saturday, June 19, a group of eight dedicated athletes ran, swam, and biked the Smiths Falls’ course to ensure the Smiths Falls’ event kept its standing as the oldest continuously running triathlon in Canada.

“We’re so pleased the event was able to continue in 2020 and 2021 in spite of the pandemic,” said Becky Allen, Economic Development & Tourism Coordinator for the Town of Smiths Falls. “It’s the dedication of these athletes that have made sure Smiths Falls held onto its title as the oldest triathlon in Canada.”

In a typical year, the event offers three different options for triathlon competitors: the Sprint Triathlon & Relay (500m swim, 21K cycle and 5K run); the Super Sprint Triathlon (200m swim, 21K cycle and 5K run); and the Try-a-Tri which is ideal for novice athletes (200m swim, 21K cycle and 2.1K run). A two-kilometre children’s run is also ideal for young people just starting to compete.

In 2020 the formal event was cancelled but a mini-triathlon was held with seven competitors taking part. This year’s competition had 10 volunteers take part in the event to maintain Smiths Falls’ record. Those competing this year included Kristine Plant, Dakota Plant, Sonja Lukassen, Christopher Brown, Jenn Bon, Greg Earl, Chris Elmsley, Malcolm Stadig, Kim Schryburt-Brown, and Robin Hull.

“I am proud to call Smiths Falls my home and it brings me such joy that we have Canada’s longest running triathlon,” said one of the competitors and experienced triathlete, Robin Hull. “I am so grateful that we as a group were able to keep this legacy alive these last few years.”

The Smiths Falls Triathlon and Duathlon is organized each year by the Ottawa-based Somersault Events.


For further information, please contact:

Becky Allen
Coordinator, Economic Development & Tourism
77 Beckwith St. N.
Smiths Falls, ON
613-283-4124 ext. 1127