Media Release: Town of Smiths Falls wins the 2022 TAC Small Municipalities Achievement Award

May 19, 2022

 Town of Smiths Falls wins the Transportation Association of Canada Small Municipalities Achievement Award

 Smiths Falls -The Town of Smiths Falls is extremely pleased to announce that the municipality in conjunction with Parsons Corporation (the Beckwith Street Phase 1 consultant) has been awarded the 2022 Transportation Association of Canada (TAC) Small Municipalities Achievement Award, for the Beckwith Street Revitalization Project.

The Small Municipalities Achievement Award recognizes initiatives that demonstrate excellence in the use of best practices to improve transportation system performance in rural or small urban communities with a principal focus on road safety and traffic operations.

In choosing the recipient for this award, TAC takes into consideration the outcome, innovation, and transferability of lessons learned from the project to other municipalities, all of which was exemplified by the Beckwith Street Revitalization Project.

The Project resulted in outcomes such as wide, fully accessible sidewalks with ample pedestrian amenities for pedestrian priority, fully separated bike lanes, sufficient on- street parking, accessible barrier free parking spaces, barrier free curb lines along parking areas, space for streetscaping and public realm improvements.

“The Beckwith Street revitalization was a once in a generation opportunity to enhance the safety and function of our busiest street. From the outset, Council recognized that the previous streetscape limited accessibility and was not designed to enhance the environment for pedestrians and cyclists” said Shawn Pankow, Mayor of the Town of Smiths Falls. “Thanks to feedback received from the public during a workshop with members of our community, the design team at Parsons came up with features that led to the outcome we all enjoy today. Additionally, community involvement resulted in an official Accessibility Advisory Committee, which is the first of its kind in the history of the town.”

The award will formally be presented in a webinar hosted event on Thursday 21 July, 2022.

Members of the public who wish to participate in this event can register here:


For further information, please contact:

Paul McMunn

Director of Public Works & Utilities

Town of Smiths Falls

77 Beckwith St N, Box 695

Smiths Falls, ON

K7A 2B8

613-283-4124 EXT. 1152