Volunteer Firefighter

Town of Smiths Falls
Job Posting
Volunteer Firefighter

The Town of Smiths Falls Fire Department is accepting applications for the position of
Volunteer Firefighter.

Duties of the position include but are not limited to:
A Firefighter is primarily responsible for operational preparedness and emergency response. Further, responsibility includes the safe, effective and efficient employment
of tactics and tasks at emergency incidents at the direction of an Officer. A Firefighter is also responsible for conducting inspections, and delivering fire
prevention education programs.

The Qualifications and Requirements are indicated in the Recruitment Package and the Recruitment Package can be found on the Smiths Falls website. www.smithsfalls.ca. If a candidate does not have the required training, the required training must be completed with the Fire Department Training Plan schedule.

Qualified applicants are invited to submit their resume by
Thursday September 28, 2017 at 4:00 pm to:

Lynda McKimm, Human Resources Advisor
Town of Smiths Falls
P.O. Box 695,
Smiths Falls, Ontario, K7A 4T6
or by email to lmckimm@smithsfalls
Applications submitted directly to the Fire Chief WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED