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Site Plan Control Applications

Site Plan Control Applications:

What is Site Plan Control?

Section 41 of the Planning Act provides municipalities with the authority to designated areas of Town as “Site Plan Control Areas”.  Section 3.7 of the Town of Smiths Falls Official Plan further identifies the entire town of Smiths Falls as an area of Site Plan Control with the following exceptions:

  1. Single-detached, semi-detached and duplex dwellings and buildings or structures accessory thereto in zones which permit residential uses as a principle use;
  2. Additions or alterations to existing single-detached, semi-detached, and duplex dwellings and building or structures accessory thereto throughout the Town.

In short, any exclusively non-residential property or building is subject to the Site Plan Control Process.

Through Site Plan Control, the Town of Smiths Falls enters into an agreement with the property owner approving the general design of the property, and where appropriate, the conceptual design of the buildings and structures on the property.

Frequently Asked Questions: 


How do I apply for Site Plan Control?

  • An application for Site Plan Control requires the completion of the Application for Site Plan Control Form which is available on the Planning Department’s website or at Town Hall.

  • The completed application will be reviewed by Town staff and comments will be returned to the applicant for modifications and discussion as necessary.

 What do I need to include in my Application for Site Plan Control?

  • The Site Plan Review Committee requires a completed application to include the following:
    • Completed Site Plan Control Application Form
    • Site Plan Control Application fee
    • Copy of the Deed including Land Titles and PIN number
    • Copy of the land survey
    • Copy of the Deed for any easement in affect on the lands (optional)
    • Seven full size copies, 1 reduced copy (11”x17”) and 1 digital copy of the following drawings:
      • Site Plan – including the following: adjacent existing structures; dimensions of yards and setbacks; driveways, parking spaces, aisles, and loading areas; garbage and storage; above ground utilities; sidewalks, ramps and curbs; existing and proposed free standing signs; existing and proposed fire routes; existing and proposed hydrants; existing and proposed building entrances; existing and proposed fire connections; sight triangles;  bike parking
      • Elevation Plan – including the following: all floor and roof plans; all proposed buildings; exterior materials and colour treatment; dimension heights of major roofs; window materials and colour
      • Grading and Servicing Plan – including the following: above ground utilities; roads, curbs, and ditches; finished floor elevations; swales, ditches and channels; roof water leader discharge points; applicable storm water management devices; retaining walls; catch basins; culverts; erosion and sediment control
      • Landscape Plan – including the following: above ground utilities; plant list, including species, size and quantity; proposed trees, shrubs and groundcover; existing trees, shrubs and groundcover and their condition– both remaining and transplanting; existing trees, shrubs and groundcover including their condition – being removed; surface treatment; dripline of trees on adjacent properties within 1m of property line; fencing and other property demarcations; snow storage areas; public and pedestrian amenities

  • All plans must have the following elements: municipal address and site plan number; metric scale; north arrow; key plan; name and contract information of applicant; property limits (including dimensions); existing and proposed structures and parking areas; easements, road allowances and right-of-ways; adjacent street names.

  • A full list of drawings requirements and examples can be found on the  Engineering Department's website. 

 Why do I need to apply for Site Plan Control?

  • The Municipal Council uses Site Plan control as a tool to complement the zoning by-law and to ensure that:
    • Proposed buildings and structures are well sited in comparison to adjacent properties;
    • Design details, such as lighting, walkways, or landscape materials, are adequate for the proposed uses;
    • Proposed developments have a minimal impact on the environmental and aesthetic qualities of the Rideau Canal;
    • Proposed developments are built as they were approved by Council.

 Who approves the Site Plan Control Application?

  • The Municipal Council has delegated authority for the initial application review to the Site Plan Review Committee, a multi-disciplinary committee composed of staff representatives from several Town Departments including:
    • Planning
    • Building
    • Engineering Public
    • Works
    • Police
    • Fire
    • Community Services
  • Based on comments and recommendations from the Site Plan Review Committee the Municipal Council will choose to approve and deny the application and subsequently pass a by-law entering into a Site Plan Control Agreement with the property owner.

 Is there an application fee?

  • Yes, there is a non-refundable fee of $1,500 to be paid at the time the application is filed.

 How long will the application process take?

  • The application process for a Site Plan Control Application can be quite lengthy depending on the size, scale and complexity of the project.  On average the process takes 6-9 months and depends upon the cooperation of the applicant and their ability to quickly respond to staff comments and recommendations.

 How is the application evaluated?

  • The Site Plan Review Committee will review the application by evaluating the proposal against several criteria including, but not limited to:
    • Conformity with the Provincial Planning Statement
    • Conformity with the Town’s Official Plan and Zoning Bylaw’s
    • Suitability of the land for the proposed use
    • Adequacy of municipal services for the site
    • Adequate protection against potential flood risks
    • Impacts on adjacent land uses

 Is there an opportunity to appeal a decision?

  • Anyone may appeal the decision or conditions imposed by the Committee of Adjustment to the Ontario Municipal Board within 20 days of the issuance of the Notice of Decision. 

  • The applicant may appeal to the OMB if no decision has been made by the Committee of Adjustment within 60 days from the date of receipt of the application by the Committee.

The OMB is an independent tribunal responsible for investigating appeals to municipal planning decisions based on evidence presented at the hearing.  For additional information regarding the OMB please go to http://www.omb.gov.on.ca/english/home.html.

NOTE:  This guide has been produced by the Town of Smiths Falls Planning Department and is intended to provide general information to the public.  It should not be construed as technical or legal advice for Site Plan Control or a right for approval if the steps indicated are followed.