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Kerry Costello

Director of Corporate Services/Clerk
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77 Beckwith St. N.,
Smiths Falls ON K7A 4T6

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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

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Current Tenders

Bid Number Description Issue Date Closing Date Documents


CCTV Maintenance Root/Flush and Manhole Rehabilitation

For more information regarding this bid
please contact:

Vanessa Bernicky

Sep-4-14 Sep-25-19 Summary Sheet

Closed Tenders

Number Type Description Issue Date Closing Date Award
16-PW-009 Expression of Interest GENERAL
Tender for Sewer Maintenance and Manhole Rehabilitation
Aug-4-16 Aug-30-16  
16-FIRE-001 Tender GENERAL
Jul-14-16 Aug-5-16 SUMMARY SHEET
16-PW-010 Tender GENERAL
16-PW-010: CIPP Combined Sanitary Sewer Lining.
Jun-30-16 Jul-21-16  
16-PW-012 Tender GENERAL
Jun-23-16 Jul-13-16 Summary Sheet 16-PW-012
16-PW-011 Tender GENERAL
Tender for Lombard Street Rehabilitation
May-27-16 Jun-16-16  
16-PW-003 Tender GENERAL
Tender for Asphalt Crack Sealing
May-5-16 May-25-16 Tender for Asphalt Crack Sealing
Summary Sheet 16-PW-003 (Asphalt Crack Sealing Tender )
16-PW-008 Tender GENERAL
Tender for Foster Street Reconstruction
May-5-16 May-25-16 Tender for Foster Street Reconstruction
Summary Sheet 16-PW-08 (Foster Avenue Reconstruction)
16-ED-01 Request for Proposal GENERAL
Branding, Visual Identity & Website Development Services
Apr-7-16 May-13-16 Summary Sheet
16-PW-004 Tender GENERAL
Tender for Beckwith Street Stone Arch Bridge and Storm Sewer Outfall Rehabilitation Contract
Apr-14-16 May-11-16 Summary Sheet
16-PW-002 Tender GENERAL
Underground Fuel Tank Replacement - Smiths Falls/ Montague Russ Beach Airport
Apr-14-16 May-4-16 Summary Sheet 16-PW-002
16-PW-01 Tender GENERAL
Request for Proposal to Undertake Environmental Site Assessment and Related Work at Closed Water Treatment Plan
Jan-28-16 Feb-18-16  
2015-PSG-010 Tender GENERAL
Confederation Bridge Drivable Deck Removal and Isolated Steel Repairs
Sep-17-15 Oct-8-15  
15-CORP-002 Tender GENERAL
Maintenance of the Police and Fire Radio Communications System
Sep-17-15 Oct-8-15  
15-CORP-003 Tender GENERAL
Sidewalk Unit
Sep-17-15 Oct-8-15  
15-COMM-022 Tender GENERAL
Tender for replacement of the windows on the north section (old school) at the Municipal Complex
Aug-27-15 Sep-18-15  
15-PSG-005 Tender GENERAL
2015 CCTV Maintenance -Root/Flush, Manhole Rehabilitationand CIPP Storm Sewer
Aug-13-15 Sep-3-15 Summary Sheet
15-CS-001 Tender GENERAL
Phase II of Asset Management Plan/Long Term Financial Plan/Water Treatment Plant Financial Plan
Jul-16-15 Aug-14-15  
14-PSG-004 Tender GENERAL
2014 Construction - Milling of Asphalt, Grading, Hot Mix Paving, Miscellaneous Concrete & Rehabilitation Work
Jun-26-14 Jul-17-14 14-PSG-004 Summary Sheet
14-PSG-003 Request for Qualifications GENERAL
14-PSG-003 Portland Cement Ready Mixed Concrete
Apr-30-14 May-7-14  
14-CORP-001 Tender GENERAL
Sale of Land By Public Tender
Dec-6-13 Jan-9-14  
13-CS-003 Tender GENERAL
Proposed Construction of Murphy Park Pavillion
May-2-13 May-23-13 Summary Sheet
13-PSG-003 Request for Proposal GENERAL
Request for Quotation - Supply of Granular Materials
Mar-27-13 May-1-13  
13-PSG-005 Request for Proposal GENERAL
Request for Quotation - Portland Cement Ready Mixed Concrete
Mar-27-13 May-1-13  
13-PSG-001 Request for Proposal GENERAL
Asset Management Development Plan
Jan-31-13 Feb-21-13  
12-PSG-006 Tender GENERAL
CCTV Maintenance-Flush/Root Removal & Manhole Rehabilitation.
Oct-11-12 Nov-1-12 Summary Sheet
12-PSG-004 Tender GENERAL
Structural Lining of 254mm Cast Iron Wastermain
Sep-13-12 Oct-4-12 Structural Lining of 254mm Cast Iron Watermain
Summary Sheet
12-PSG-003 Tender GENERAL
2012 Construction
Aug-16-12 Aug-16-12  
12-CS-004 Tender GENERAL
Contract 12-CS-004 Proposed Renovation/Addition to the Smiths Falls Fire Department
Jul-25-12 Aug-15-12 Tender Summary
Downtown Revitalization Request for Proposal Downtown Revitalization and Waterfront Integration
Downtown Revitalization and Waterfront Integration
Jun-15-12 Jul-13-12  
12-PSG-001 Request for Qualifications Request for Quotation
Lower Reach Park Evaluation of Monitoring Reports & Remedial Options
May-17-12 May-31-12  
RFP #12-ED-001 Request for Proposal Cultural GIS Mapping
Cultural GIS Mapping
Mar-22-12 Apr-10-12  
Pedestrian Linkages Request for Proposal Professional Consulting Services respecting enhancement of existing pedestrian linkages
RFP - Professional Consulting Services Respecting Enhancement of Existing Pedestrian Linkages
Feb-23-12 Mar-15-12  
11-APS-011 Tender Decommissioning of the Old Water Treatment Plant
Decommission of the Watermain at the Old Water Trreatment Plant
Sep-23-11 Oct-21-11 Results 11-APS-011
11-APS-013 Request for Proposal RFQ - Demolition of 4 Confederation Drive
Demolition of 4 Confederation Drive
Sep-20-11 Oct-11-11  
RFP Visitor Guide Request for Proposal Visitor Guide 2012/13
RFP Visitor Guide 2012/2013
Sep-10-11 Sep-30-11 RFP - Visitors Guide 2012/2013
11-APS-009 Tender Closed Circuit Television, Root Maintenance & Manhole Repairs 2011
Closed Circuit Television, Root Maintenance & Manhole Repairs 2011
Aug-16-11 Sep-8-11 Results - 11-APS-009 Closed Circuit Television Root Maintenance
11-APS-08 Tender 2011 General Insurance and Risk Management Services Program
Tender 11-APS-08
Aug-6-11 Aug-25-11 Tender 11-APS-08 Summary Sheet

Archived Tenders

Requests for Archived Tenders can be made to:
Nadine Bennett, Deputy Clerk,
Phone: (613) 283-4124 Ext. 1130 or
Email: nbennett@smithsfalls.ca